The Art of Journalism

There is an art when it comes to the topic of journalism. For thousands of years, writing has been a form of communication and protection. It’s how kings and queens ruled large lands, how trades were made, and how Egyptians communicated their history. Writing is so significant to each and every one of us. That’s why it’s the first topic we are addressed about in school. Education is responsible for keeping writing continuous and flourishing. Writers like Ken Kurson are passionate about journalism because of its dense history. 

As we all know, many languages and cultures did not develop overnight. There are six-thousand-five-hundred different languages in the world. That shockingly high number is because of the art of communication. If certain pronunciations, words, and symbols were adopted by the native civilizations that lived all over the world, the text you are reading would just seem like nonsense. Languages and words develop over time and grow with the culture they stem from. Journalism has allowed all cultures and lounges to flourish. Every state, country, territory, and culture has a form of journalism. Some require broadcast networks and some require natural elements that can be turned into stories. There are magnificent artifacts that were found in Native American culture, here in the USA. Caves that have been inscribed with hunting depictions are a form of journalism. Ken Kurson highly enjoys learning about the ancient art of journalism and so do many other well-known writers.