University of Oxford’s Brightest Alum

With an Ivy Leauge reputation, the Univerity of Oxford is one of the most renowned schools on the planet. They have produced an extraordinary amount of research in molecular biology, criminal justice, and even applicable knowledge on the coronavirus. They spend millions of dollars a year donating to philanthropies all over the world. Getting an

How to Instill Core Family Values

Having sets of family oriented values is very beneficial. When children are growing up practicing similar traditions every year, they learn to bring those traditions with them later on in life. The Harrow Family, especially mom Rachel Harow, enjoy teaching their children about thor heritage and why they do the things they do.  Values come

Textbooks V. Online E-Books

This debate has been very prominent in 2020. The government and education system are quarreling on what is the best option for students as they move forward. It is more difficult than it seems to decide if textbooks or online E-books are safer for children. Historians like Shalom Lamm grew up using hardcover textbooks and