5 Digital Marketing Trends That are Here to Stay

When it comes to digital marketing, it is now one of the most vital tools needed for online businesses to be successful. While some marketing trends offer promising results, others may not offer an organic traffic to your website. That is why we have narrowed down  5 of the most crucial digital marketing trends that are here to stay.

Faster Web Hosting

When it comes to having a successful online business, it is important to have a faster web hosting service that will deliver reliable results. Having good loading page speed is important, since it attracts more customers to stay and browse online. There are also web hosting sites such as Bluehost that have a dashboard which breaks down the results needed, in order to understand how your SEO tools are working and whether they are providing a positive correlation to your website. Faster web hosting is a great advantage especially to e commerce stores, since they always provide excellent and securable results. Adriaan Brits, the CEO of Sitetrail funded an intensive research project to determine global rankings of the best web hosting providers based on a variety of metrics. He went on to explain that “access to accurate and impartial hosting reviews is one of the most critical pieces of information entrepreneurs need to ensure that all the investments they make in digital marketing will not go to waste. Startups should know that slow and unreliable web hosting, for example that of Godaddy, can put their chance of success at risk”. 

Facebook shops

Since social media is a platform that is ever so powerful, Facebook shops are here to stay and have proven to be a success. Business owners are able to carefully select the products that they wish to showcase to clients and offer a personalised one on one experience to customers when buying through the store. It is easy to advertise through Facebook, since users are constantly browsing online and are always in need of the product that you’re selling. It is also a clever way to set a good impression on your brand and provide a positive image to customers who are new or regular.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a trend that will definitely stay around for a long time. More and more users are allured by short videos on social media, blogs and Youtube that may not obviously promote a product, but will showcase the product in a neutral way that will stick in the mind of the consumer. This could be any product or service and can deliver great results if the content marketing strategy is tasteful and subtle.

Chatbots and Snatchbots store

Snatchbot is one prime example of a clever marketing trend that will be around for a long time. No coding skills are required when using Snatchbots and they can help run your business platforms with easy to use navigation techniques. They do all the back house administrative tasks that can be controlled by humans, as well as other features that fall under the RPA; such as extract structured data from documents, remove data from the web, log into web or enterprise applications, collect social media statistics and even open emails and attachments.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a clever marketing tool to use if you want to promote yourself on Youtube. There are tons of Youtube channels out there with great content, but they go unnoticed because of no marketing strategy. However, with Google Ads users are able to promote their videos on the platform in different ways, which can give them organic traffic for views. This marketing trend has continued to prove success to budding creators out there who want a big break.

Final take

After doing continuous research to see which digital marketing trends have caused a positive correlation, we have narrowed down the 5 long term trends that have proven to be useful and successful to online business. Digital marketing trends are the way forward for budding entrepreneurs for all kinds of fields that want to grow rapidly and steadily. They are here to stay and there will not be a change of trend for a long time.