The Future of Networking [Infographic]

 Now that the Delta variant of COVID is making both employers and employees question their previous ideas about bringing everyone back in the office together, this adds a new ripple in the story of the already complex world of cyber security. When your workforce is so distributed, there are many more vulnerable points of entry

5 Trends in Digital Health

The global pandemic sent many industries reeling into redefining themselves overnight. Healthcare was no different and has seen an incredible propulsion set forward in the realm of digital health. What are the top trends in the industry? Real Chemistry has released a new report and infographic highlighting the top 5 trends, namely: 1 – Doctors

Investing in Africa

There’s no time like the present to broaden one’s horizons. You may think that you know the startup and investment scene well, but chances are, there is an entire region of the world that you have yet to explore. It is time to consider the opportunities abound by investing in Africa. Why is it now