Investing in Africa

There’s no time like the present to broaden one’s horizons. You may think that you know the startup and investment scene well, but chances are, there is an entire region of the world that you have yet to explore. It is time to consider the opportunities abound by investing in Africa.

Why is it now the time to invest in Africa? Consider that the 5 fastest growing countries are all based in Africa, and that they are growing by double the GDP rate of the average country.

Big technology companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have all been adding significant headcount and bases of operation throughout the African continent. Startups are starting to show on the scene and even unicorns have emerged – a privately held company that has a valuation in excess of $1 billion. And it isn’t only tech – many other industries are flourishing throughout Africa as well.

You might have a concern that you don’t know enough about the people and culture of where to begin on your journey. That’s why learning more from the Empower Africa network, joining their membership, and attending their events can be so valuable to you and your business interests. Learn more about investing in Africa through the visual deep dive below:

Investing In Africa Infographic