How to Instill Core Family Values

Having sets of family oriented values is very beneficial. When children are growing up practicing similar traditions every year, they learn to bring those traditions with them later on in life. The Harrow Family, especially mom Rachel Harow, enjoy teaching their children about thor heritage and why they do the things they do.  Values come

Businessman's Sexually Harassing Female Colleague By Touching Her Shoulder

How Music Benefits Us

Music benefits the human race in a variety of ways. By having an outlet to express oneself, individuals can really let go of negative emotions and stressors. Ken Kurson, a rock musician, uses music to express his feelings. Writing lyrics is very monumental for musicians and can really help get their voices out. Serotonin usually

Let Relish Help You Build a Strong Relationship Together

Are Hampton Beaches COVID-19 Safe?

To be candid, there are no “safe” places during COVID-19. That being said, there are plenty of options for folks who want to explore the Hamptons but keep a distance from others. Most residents, like Helen Lee Schifter, own million-dollar houses. Depending on where on the island they are located, some have private beaches. Airbnb’s

How to Bring Zen Customs to Work

In order to be successful in demonstrating Zen practices at work, one must understand that it takes time to learn them. Helen Lee Schifter uses her Zen rituals in the workplace to be more successful and concentrate on tasks. By taking the time to respect one’s mental wellbeing and breath with meaning, the progress of

Generation Zen

With the upcoming generation, a lot more young people are becoming Zen Buddist. Zen is for those who want to transform themselves into more spiritual and happier human beings. Helen Shifter has given the world so many reasons why people should spiritually challenge themselves. This form of enlightenment and mediation has established reformation and positivity