A Tour of Louisville’s Best Craft Beers

In the heart of Louisville, a city celebrated for its rich culture and history, lies a vibrant craft beer scene with over fifty breweries and bars. This curated guide to the top ten breweries offers a starting point for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


Against the Grain Brewery and Public House sets the standard with its dive bar atmosphere and iconic Kentucky burgers. Gravely Brewing Co. offers more than just beer, providing a cultural experience with stunning views and Mexican cuisine. Falls City Brewing Co., the oldest in the city, invites visitors with its colorful ambiance and diverse events.


Akasha Brewing Company, known for its Sour Akasha, and Monnik Beer Co., famous for Belgian-style beers, reflect the diversity of Louisville’s beer offerings. Atrium Brewery, a newer addition, impresses with sours and NEIPAs, while Mile Wide Beer Co. is celebrated for its dark beers and flagship IPA.


TEN20 Craft Brewery provides a spacious ambiance and innovative brews. Butchertown Brewing Company introduces unique flavors like the Imperial Gluten-Free Mango-Colada Sour. Noble Funk Brewing Company specializes in sour beers and farmhouse ales, paired with exceptional pizzas.

These breweries are more than just drinking spots. They are experiences, offering live music, trivia nights, and games. From stouts to sours, there is a brew for every taste, ensuring a memorable journey through Louisville’s craft beer scene.