Pushing the Consumer Experience Further Through Hyper-Personalization

Everyone wants to feel special. This is a principle that is used constantly in the world of business and brands. A customer that feels valued and individual will be more loyal and dedicated than most others. Businesses have a huge incentive to promote this feeling as much as possible.

In the past,this was done primarily through the care that customers were shown. It’s impactful to address people by name, to have suggestions for them, to reach out to them. Today the bar for creating loyal and valued customers is much higher. It’s not enough to send broad emails and to address customers by name, every business does this. Instead businesses are now looking to hyper-personalize.

Hyper-personalization is personalizing the product or service to and targeting individual consumers. It is a modern innovation that uses analytics and customer statistics to create personalized actions. Emails sent to motivate people to buy from a brand should be personalized in a range of ways.

First, they should be sent at the correct time. When does this customer most often buy products? When are they shopping most often? Second, they should be sent with the right suggestions. What has this customer bought in the past? What have they bought multiple times? These considerations are what moves the bar from personalization to hyper-personalization.

In practice 86% of companies report better business results from hyper-personalization. If the information is available, things like engagement rates, retention, purchase times, it should be used. This is how modern businesses can push the consumer experience further, after all, everyone wants to be special.

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Source: BrandGuard