cyber war

Is Cyber War Already Here?

Cyber war has become one of the most devastating and widespread forms of warfare, with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine being a prime example. Less than 3 months into 2022, nearly 200 cyber attacks were recorded against Ukraine, as hackers were able to disable government websites and utilize malware to attack these systems remotely. 

How to Receive a Purple Heart Medal

The purple heart is one of the most storied and esteemed of all the medals awarded by the USA. It is a combat decoration, which is to say that it shows that a person carrying it has seen combat. Purple hearts are only awarded to US armed forces who have been wounded in war or

What are the Army Ranks in Order?

We often think of the Army as being one big military branch. While this is true, it’s also made up of numerous ranks that show the standings of its service members. Below are the different Army ranks in order and what they each mean. How the Army Ranks Operate Each Army rank is meant to

Where do America’s Soldiers Come From?

There are hundreds of military dynasties in the United States, where serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force, is a traditional that reaches back, on occasion, to colonial times. But in today’s military family member is more likely to join up for financial security, as a sort of family-run business. Women and men