Is Cyber War Already Here?

Cyber war has become one of the most devastating and widespread forms of warfare, with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine being a prime example. Less than 3 months into 2022, nearly 200 cyber attacks were recorded against Ukraine, as hackers were able to disable government websites and utilize malware to attack these systems remotely. 

The most targeted countries are Russia, Ukraine, and the US, and experts say that for Russia, the war with Ukraine is likely serving as a live testing ground for the next generation of cyber weapons. This is because Ukraine’s tech infrastructure is similar to Western Europe and North America, but does not have nearly the amount of resources needed for a successful counter-attack.

Cyber attacks globally have grown over time, and in 2022, both the US and the EU provided much needed support to Ukraine’s defenses. Reports show that half of US tech executives say that state-sponsored cyber warfare is their biggest threat, as it imposes danger upon both physical and digital assets. It is important to distinguish between cyber attacks and cyber war, as both are devastating occurrences but on a different scale. Cyber attacks are more isolated incidents often used to test new weapons, while cyber war has an impact comparable to a natural disaster. 

Preparing for cyber war is vital, and despite the US being the most cyber secure country, 93% of Americans reveal that they fear the possibility of cyber warfare. Most people report being afraid of losing access to needs like finances and cell service, which are both in danger on the cyber battlefield. Many Americans have already started taking measures to protect themselves from cyber warfare, as more and more citizens are being advised to follow suit.  

Next Gen Cyber Warfare