Radio and Podcasts

The radio is one of the first ways to communicate at a national level. It has been transformational for many people because it was available for everyone prior to the era of television. Now, things are obviously very different. Journalists, like Ken Kurson, still use radio as a means of communication. However, now that podcasts

Listening to International News

This is of great importance in listening to international news. In America, people tend to live in a very thick bubble which correlates to the many negative stories it globally poses. That being said, by studying foreign affairs and policies, one can learn to be more cohesive with other places around the world. Many topics

Best Places in California

California is one of the most beautiful states in the country. It ranges from north to south and is filled with luscious history. The climates are very different depending on what part of the state one chooses. There are the luxurious beaches of Los Angeles and Malibu. On the other hand, there are landscapes full