Who to Look for When it Comes to MLB Picks?

Warm weather has arrived which means baseball will be in full swing. Because of this, it’s important to carefully research and checks the teams and players that will take part in the season. If you’re interested in learning more about the best MLB picks to look for, you’ll find some helpful information below.  Important MLB

What Vinyl Records Are Worth Money?

We may live in a digital era, and you may think that CDs, tapes, and vinyl records are long gone. While that is partially true, vinyl discs have made an impressive comeback lately, and more and more people perceive them as cool vintage items.  These objects were highly affordable back in the day, but, based

4 Surprising Benefits of Procrastination

What is procrastination? Today, when the whole world tries to accomplish as much as possible and be extremely productive, such behavior is most often seen as something negative. Numerous articles on the internet tell us how to fight procrastination, social media influencers share their unique ways to stop it, some of our coworkers always try

Helen Lee Schifter on Promoting Unity

Health and wellness expert Helen Lee Schifter has been writing regularly since the Coronavirus pandemic first struck, of the importance and value of people working on their health and wellness. As she said in her interview with Medium, the importance of health and wellness is often times glossed over in favor of commercial and professional

Strip Lashes: What’s Involved?

Lashes can change your appearance and make your eyes look big and pretty. When mascara isn’t enough and not doing the job, sometimes you got to go the extra mile to achieve the look you want. Strip lashes have been around for a century now. Strip lashes came in fashion around the 1920s and have