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Quinn is a hub for the best cashmere scarf designs you may come across in recent times. From simple scarves with fringes to oversized ones, you can find various designs that suit your style statement. At Quinn, we work with featured designers, such as MZ Wallace New York, Misa Los Angeles, Agolde, Mou, Banjanan, Alexie,

Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong’s JD.com Joins With Shopify To Bring Together International Sellers

Two of the largest e-commerce players in the world are joining hands as JD.com announced its strategic partnership with the Ottawa-based digital brand, Shopify. Already considered an Amazon competitor in China, JD.com’s partnership with Shopify will bring about direct competition between the current major market players at Alibaba. The deal, spearheaded by JD owner Liu Qiangdong,

Why It’s Hard to Lose Weight

The new year is upon us, and this typically comes with the time honored traditions of a new year’s resolution. Sure, it’s a new year, but is it finally time for a new you? If you are like most people, there was a significant albeit inadvertent weight gain for many during the height of the