Is Driving a Semi Truck a Good Career?

Events of the past few years have forced many people to contemplate a change in careers, or simply to choose one they may have never considered before. One popular option is to look into a career driving a semi truck. Being a professional driver has many benefits that may fit perfectly with your goals and

ci/cd pipeline

Unlocking Mobile App Success: The Power of Mobile CI/CD Pipelines

An important role is played by a mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform in today’s technologically advanced environment. By automating the tedious processes involved in creating, testing, and deploying mobile applications, this platform enables developers to reliably and regularly release software upgrades.  The demand for mobile apps is rapidly increasing, with billions of

mobile devops

An Outlook on Mobile DevOps Engineering

The field of Mobile DevOps Engineering, having etched ‘DevOps Engineer’ as the most desired job title in 2021, is leading the digital transformation wave.  As companies strive to meet customer expectations, the demand for Mobile DevOps Engineers who can expedite deployment processes is escalating. Presently, mobile is a primary source of revenue with about 33%