Can You Speed Up The Drying Of Painted Wood?

Watching paint is rarely anyone’s favorite thing to do, but often it can put a project on hold until it finishes. And when you are under a time constraint, that is the last thing you want to happen. Instead of sitting around waiting for your paint to dry, follow these tips to speed up the drying of painted wood. 

Speeding Up The Drying of Painted Wood

When you are looking to speed up the drying of painted wood and move on with your project, you can use several main tricks. Keep reading to learn about the best tips and tricks for drying your painted wood so that you can move forward with your project. 

Paint Thinner Layers

If you are in the habit of painting thicker layers of paint on wood, it is time to replace that bad habit with a good one. 

Thicker coats of paint are not better, and you should instead paint your wood with thin layers. If you find the first layer insufficient, you can always touch it up with another layer. 

Not only do those thin layers dry much faster, but you can also save paint because you are not wasting as much on a thick layer. 

Have a Dehumidifier 

How long it takes paint to dry is affected by the room’s temperature and the level of humidity present. 

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When painting wood indoors, having a dehumidifier present will help speed up the drying process.

If that does not speed it up enough for you, bringing in a room heater or turning the building/room’s heat up will also help the paint dry faster. 

Purchase Paints With Accelerants Added

Some paint brands sell paints with special additives added that help accelerate the drying process. 

You will need to check with the seller, and if they added accelerants to the paint, it is important that you follow the instructions provided. 

Otherwise, the accelerant is unlikely to work properly, and it will take your paint the same long time to dry as it normally does. 

Paint When it is Warm Out

Painting wood when warm and dry outside will help the paint dry faster, as cool air causes it not to cure or dry properly. 

Most paints will not fully dry or cure if the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so always paint in a heated location. 

Use Water-Based or Low-VOC Paints

Another way to help your paint dry faster is by getting paint designed to dry quicker than other paints. 

Water-based paints, or paints with low volatile organic components, all dry faster when compared to oil-based paints. 

Using Drying Racks

If you are working with a large amount of wood that you need to paint and have dry quickly, using paint drying racks is an excellent choice. 

Drying racks come with multiple shelves where you can place the painted wood, and most come with wheels making moving them easy. 

By combining drying racks with the other tips provided, drying your painted wood will be far quicker than ever. 

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