Is Driving a Semi Truck a Good Career?

Events of the past few years have forced many people to contemplate a change in careers, or simply to choose one they may have never considered before.

One popular option is to look into a career driving a semi truck. Being a professional driver has many benefits that may fit perfectly with your goals and desires for a career. However, there are also some downsides, as there are with any career.

It’s important to understand both the benefits and the downsides of truck driving, so in this article, we will look at whether driving a semi truck may be worth it for you.

What training is needed to drive a semi truck?

One of the main benefits of choosing to drive a semi truck as a career is that the training is much shorter than many other jobs with similar pay.

There are also very few prerequisites required to begin training as a truck driver. No college is required and often a high-school degree is not even needed.

Many companies will also train applicants for free under the condition they work for the company when the training is complete. This means many people can enter the field without having to put any money down or take out education loans.

Driving A Truck Pays Well

Another big plus of driving a truck is that it pays extremely well, especially considering the short training needed. Many drivers also earn substantial health and retirement benefits, which is another perk.

There are not many other careers that can earn you the money that truck driving pays after a relatively short period of training.

Some Of The Downsides Of Truck Driving

We’ve talked about the benefits of truck driving, so what are the downsides?

Many of the downsides are related to the fact that you’re traveling for the majority of the time. While some may enjoy this, it also can place a strain on several areas of your life.

Relationships can sometimes be more difficult when traveling as much as a driver does. So this needs to be considered before deciding on a career in transportation.

However, there are driving jobs that have short daily routes and allow the driver to be home each day.

Next, there are health concerns with driving. It’s easy to not get enough exercise or maintain a healthy diet due to the traveling involved with truck driving.

Drivers need to take extra precautions to make sure they maintain their health while driving.

Final Thoughts On Driving A Semi Truck

Driving a semi truck can be a wise choice for many people who need a new career without training that takes years and years. It pays well and many drivers find the freedom and travel to be a benefit.

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