Comfiest Clothes to Wear Biking

There is something about riding your bike and feeling the wind hit your face as you pedal. You see things all around you that you may never have noticed in a car. You feel the sun’s warmth on your skin. And, you can’t help but have a smile on your face. 

There is only one thing that can mess up a bike ride – and that’s wearing the wrong clothing. You want your mind on the road in front of you, not focused on how uncomfortable you are. So, to prepare yourself for your next outing, here are the comfiest clothes to wear biking. 

Shirts and Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys are not a necessity, but they do make the ride a little more enjoyable. They are designed to be rather form-fitting so you don’t have a lot of flapping in the wind. But besides that, they have convenient pockets for things like your phone, glasses, or a snack. These jerseys are meant to be comfortable so if it is too snug, hard to breathe, or too difficult to reach your pockets, you will want to consider a different size or style. 

If regular shirts are more your style, opt for something that is soft and fitting – but not restrictive. You don’t want anything too baggy or anything that hangs down too far. Look for shirts that are breathable, light, and moisture-wicking. 

Always base whether you choose long-sleeve or short-sleeve tops on the expected weather for your ride. 

Bottoms, Shorts, and Leggings

If you so desire, you can choose bike shorts. These are a bit bulky in the rear, but you will be thankful for that extra cushion as you ride. The padded area is known as a chamois and it kills the friction that may occur between your bottom and the bike seat. These shorts are designed to be fitting so be sure you don’t get a pair that is too loose to function properly or too tight that you cannot breathe. 

For those wondering what to wear for regular shorts or pants, you will want to choose between the two based on the weather conditions for your ride. If pants are ideal, opt for a comfortable pair of athletic pants – again, moisture-wicking if possible – and choose a style that is tapered at the ankle. Running pants, joggers, and even leggings work well, too. Any regular shorts will work as long as you are comfortable in them. However, you want to make sure they won’t ride up while you pedal and that they aren’t too long or baggy to get caught in the chain as both can make for an unpleasant ride. 

Waterproof Windbreaker

Investing in a waterproof windbreaker is always a fantastic idea for a bike ride. The rain may feel incredible for the first few minutes, but riding wet is no fun at all. The perks of this piece of comfortable clothing don’t stop there because not only will it keep you dry, but it will block the wind, too – without being heavy. 

Bike Helmet

While it may not be the comfiest thing to wear, it is – by far – the most essential element in your biking attire. And there are many different types of helmets to choose from. Although any helmet is better than no helmet, you still want to make sure you have the right one for your bike ride. For instance, there are basic road bike helmets, BMX racing helmets, and downhill mountain biking helmets. Choose wisely to protect yourself.

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