Austin, Texas Department of Oncology Professor, Kevin Dalby, Discusses Whether Vitamin D Can Prevent Side Effects of Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy

The latest cancer treatments take advantage of immune checkpoint inhibitors to help patients fight cancer. Unfortunately, these treatments increase the likelihood of developing side effects such as colitis, an inflammatory reaction in the colon. New research holds the key to reducing such side effects.  Kevin Dalby, Austin, Texas chemical biology and medicinal chemistry professor, is

Healthy Living is Good Business

Helen Schifter and other health advocates have consistently called for a renewed appreciation of health and wellness in the work-force and in the business world more broadly. Only some have been receptive to these calls in ways that one can appreciate. Unfortunately, many have neglected these calls, and as such they have mostly fallen on

What is Human-Grade Dog Food?

Knowing what’s inside your Dog’s food is something many pet owners worry about. You want to give them something that you yourself would eat. Something with natural and quality ingredients. After all, don’t we all want our dogs to live as healthy of a life as we do? Well, human-grade dog food is the food

What is Full Spectrum CBD Serum?

If you’re new to the world of CBD, this article will help familiarize you with full-spectrum CBD serum.  First off, it’s important to understand what CBD is, and what it is not.  There is a lot of misinformation circling around CBD and CBD products, and the terminology can get confusing fast.  Here’s a brief overview

How to Remove Acrylic Nails

You did it-you finally gave up those pricey salon nails in lieu of temporary at-home acrylics.  You’re saving time by not having to go to the salon for applications and fills, and you’re definitely saving a ton of money by not having to pay for upkeep!  But there’s just one problem; how do you remove

Do Blue Light Readers Really Work?

If you’ve spent an evening rubbing tired eyes and wondering why your eyes feel fatigued, itchy, and dry, you may be experiencing computer vision syndrome, or CVS.  This syndrome, characterized by the aforementioned eye irritations and sometimes accompanied by headaches and eye strain, results from hours spent in front of a computer or smart device

Where Do Pure Nootropics Come From?

Nootropics are highly sought after, and rightfully so. The many positive effects associated with them has garnered plenty of attention and chatter, now more than ever. However, nootropics can be split into two unique families: natural and synthetic. If you have ever heard a controversy around nootropics, that would likely be about synthetic ones. Natural,