Jenna Richardson: Paving the Path to Holistic Wellness

When both your parents are deeply immersed in the healthcare field—one as a medical doctor and the other as a registered nurse—it might appear inevitable that you’d follow suit. However, Jenna Richardson’s journey took a distinctive path that ultimately led her to become a pioneering figure in the realm of holistic wellness.

Initially, Jenna set her sights on a pre-medical college track, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that the conventional medical route wasn’t her true calling. The sights, sounds, and scents of the medical profession left her yearning for a different way to make a profound impact on people’s lives.

Following her passion for effective communication, Jenna pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in business communications from Cornell University. With this academic achievement, Jenna embarked on a 15-year career as a management consultant, traversing the globe to assist businesses in optimizing their systems and processes for heightened efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

However, a pivotal shift in perspective occurred during Jenna’s pregnancy with her son, Carter. Medical professionals provided Jenna with advice to steer clear of specific foods during her pregnancy, yet they failed to elucidate the reasons behind these dietary restrictions. Jenna began to question why these recommendations were exclusive to pregnancy and not applicable at other times.

The turning point in Jenna’s journey towards holistic wellness arrived when Carter encountered mysterious health challenges at a tender six months of age. Jenna sought counsel from multiple healthcare practitioners, each prescribing a distinct medication. However, a visit to the pharmacist proved transformative when he refused to dispense the prescribed medication, cautioning that it could potentially trigger fatal respiratory issues in an infant as young as Carter.

This incident profoundly rattled Jenna’s convictions. Having grappled with her own health issues throughout her life, she reached a resolute conclusion—it was time to leverage her training and experience with uncovering the root cause and to embrace her passion for personal empowerment, this time in the realm of healthcare. Jenna’s mission was unmistakable: to empower people with the tools, (self) trust, and thought processes to truly take control of their health and to provide a platform to support the uncovering of the root cause(s) of dis-ease and dysfunction and the therapeutic treatments and techniques to truly heal.

Jenna embarked on her journey into holistic wellness, culminating in her certification as an Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Furthermore, she fortified her knowledge base by attaining certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). Recognizing the potential for even greater impact, Jenna understood that collaboration with a medical doctor who shared her functional approach was imperative.

In a pivotal moment, Jenna reached out to her father, Dr. Vincent Leonti, a seasoned medical doctor. Together, they embarked on a shared mission—to revolutionize healthcare by seamlessly integrating conventional medicine with holistic wellness practices. Jenna Richardson’s narrative is one of empowerment, unyielding dedication, and a resolute commitment to guiding individuals toward true health and well-being, one informed decision at a time.