5 Trends in Digital Health

The global pandemic sent many industries reeling into redefining themselves overnight. Healthcare was no different and has seen an incredible propulsion set forward in the realm of digital health.

What are the top trends in the industry? Real Chemistry has released a new report and infographic highlighting the top 5 trends, namely:

1 – Doctors Are More Digital

2 – Physicians Who Are High Adopters Of Technology Behave Differently

3 – Patient Adoption Of Digital Is Transforming Healthcare

4 – The Way Pharmaceutical Companies Interact With Physicians Is Changing

5 – Doctors And Patients Predict More Transformation Ahead

According to Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce: “We need to reimagine how we operate so that technology doesn’t just automate, improve, or make things more efficient…We become more proficient in delivering the types of experiences that people want to have.”

Learn more about what trends you should be aware of in the rapid acceleration of digital health in the visual deep dive below: