Local Landing Pages for SEO

Every small business can present like a big business with the magic of being good at local landing pages. It’s your chance to level the playing field and try to outrank competitors that may even be much larger than you are.

The following report and infographic detail the following:

  • What to know about Google’s local pack – the prime real estate among of Google’s search and map resultsĀ 
  • Key ranking signals on how to rank within this local pack
  • The anatomy of a local landing page, including multi-location pages
  • SEO tips and tricks from a technical standpoint
  • COVID-19 and how local search handles such updates

Anyone can design a location page for SEO. 10 steps to follow are:

  1. Creating content unique for each local page
  2. Use of images and videos for every location makes a big difference
  3. Giving visitors a way to engage with your company through social media goes a long way
  4. Add your driving directions through Google Maps
  5. Add a listing of hours of operation and when you are open now
  6. How to achieve high Core Web Vitals and page speed scores
  7. A showcase a native (1st party) reviews
  8. Offering coupons for barcode attribution
  9. Address safety and social distancing for COVID-19 concerns
  10. Emphasizing keywords and location information

Learn more about the proper methodologies of how to build a proper landing page, the kind of content you should post, and even some templates and coding you should be aware of in the 300 page research report and visual deep dive below, courtesy of Wiideman.

Anatomy of a Local Landing Page