Benefits of Writing Online

There are many positive attributes of writing online. It can be used as a form of expression, art, communication, or information. Whether it’s typing in a geographical location and getting directions or writing intense poetry, writing is very fluid and accepting. Ken Kurson who specializes in journalism, loves to write online because it brings communities together. 

Unlike writing to a local newspaper, developing a thesis online can reach a much greater audience. For example, if you are writing in North Dakota and someone in Mexico finds your work, there is a connection there unlike what there could’ve been through writing locally. In addition, writing online is better for the environment.,Thousands of trees are cut down on a daily basis. Their parish is just for paper which we use all the time. With the world becoming more digital, writers should turn to technology to share their stories. It would reduce waste and cut down on emissions, according to Ken Kurson. Overall, writing online can sever a creator community and allow someone to reach a bigger purpose.