How Much Does The Media Affect Us

The media affects us in a variety of different ways starting with our physical entities. Journalists like Ken Kurson have worked in the media industry their whole life, and understand that there can be negative to it. Many exposed to computers or devices for long periods of time can have severe headaches, migraines, and blurring of vision. The blue light that these devices have is not beneficial to the body.

Next, the media also affects our insides. This could range from what one picks to eat that day because of a commercial. It could also affect how we think or view different topics. Our brains pick up so much information at a time and it’s really difficult to digest everything. The media floods our minds with information and how it’s deciphered can negatively affect people.Lastly, the news reported isn’t always truthful. It’s important to get facts from outlets like NPR or PBS because they don’t get political. Ken Kurson believes that also though the media can be addicting, it’s important to step back, and take a break from it every once in a while.