How Much Does The Media Affect Us

The media affects us in a variety of different ways starting with our physical entities. Journalists like Ken Kurson have worked in the media industry their whole life, and understand that there can be negative to it. Many exposed to computers or devices for long periods of time can have severe headaches, migraines, and blurring

The Popularity of Sole Proprietorships

The Art of Journalism

There is an art when it comes to the topic of journalism. For thousands of years, writing has been a form of communication and protection. It’s how kings and queens ruled large lands, how trades were made, and how Egyptians communicated their history. Writing is so significant to each and every one of us. That’s

What is Journalism

The study and profession of journalism is the preparation of content to be broadcasted worldwide. With the internet decreasing the need for paper journalism has taken the online world by storm. Now news can be presented on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. A well-known journalist, Ken Kurson, says that in

How Journalism Can Heal

Journalism is a sport for some. Others use it as a way to release current events and press into the world. Then, of course, there are those who use journalism as a release. It has many healing properties. Writers like Ken Kurson use it to express themselves. Journalism has so many different dimensions. It can

Majoring in Journalism 2020

At University, there is an abundance of majors a student can choose from. However, a common major that many look over is journalism. This is because everyone unconsciously uses writing in their day to day lives. Whether it’s an email or a thesis, writing is a prominent part of anyone’s career. Ken Kurson studied journalism

How the Media Inspires Young Adults

The media can be very harmful to teens’ self-esteem. Young people are constantly comparing themselves to Instagram models, influencers, and other unrealistic body types. It’s important to focus on loving the body that we are in, as hard as that sounds. Lots of people have admitted to having anxiety from the media. Ken Kurson, who

Media is Changing

Ken Kurson has spent his career working in the media industry in an array of different capacities. Throughout he’s been able to witness and experience some truly historic moments throughout the world. It is indeed the case that covering politics can be an incredibly exciting opportunity as a member of the media. You get to

Ken Kurson on Changes in Media

Ken Kurson has led an extensive career in the media industry. His career has spanned various aspects of the media industry. He’s worked as an editor and has also worked as a media and political consultant, which some would consider to be on the periphery of the industry. In any event, it has given him