Majoring in Journalism 2020

At University, there is an abundance of majors a student can choose from. However, a common major that many look over is journalism. This is because everyone unconsciously uses writing in their day to day lives. Whether it’s an email or a thesis, writing is a prominent part of anyone’s career. Ken Kurson studied journalism in college because he was passionate about writing groundbreaking stories. 

As schools start to reopen, even more writing will occur for all majors. With more discussion being remote, assignments that might have been in-person are now going to be held digitally. That means, more typing, more posting, and more emailing. However, for journalism students, this is a great development. They will be able to write more than expected or have more time to focus on their writing. So many college students don’t realize that there is a little part of journalism in every major.Going out into the field and getting a journalism internship is a great way to network while completing the major. That way, students can attain the ‘real world’ experience while building networks that might lead them to their post-grad job. Ken Kurson suggests that experience is the best way of figuring out what type of journalism is the best fit for a student. Writing about solar energy may not be the right fit for a fashion journalist.