Keith Orie Shares 5 Ways Smart Entrepreneurs Keep From Being Overwhelmed

Knowing how to manage stress and stay calm in stressful situations is a big part of being a successful entrepreneur. In this article, Keith Orie discusses 5 of the most essential coping strategies smart business owners all over the world practice to stay ahead.

Take Regular Breaks

When you start to get stressed out, stop what you’re doing, and take a break. You can get up and take a walk, go outside and take in a bit of fresh air, or even just shut your eyes for a bit. Studies have shown that these kinds of activities regularly will help you recharge. They give short-term relief from the toll working in business can have.

Deal With Stress Head-On

Rather than zoning out and putting off whatever urgent task needs getting done, try to tackle it right away. By dealing with the cause of stress as soon as possible, whether that problem is a difficult business decision, an urgent stressful phone call, or any other hard task, you’re saving yourself a lot of time and energy you would have otherwise wasted worrying about it.

Build a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Today’s business world is very demanding and can quickly exact a harsh emotional price. You might be compelled to constantly work to stay on top of everything. The reality is, that just isn’t workable in the long run. You need to have time for yourself to continue being productive. Give yourself time to enjoy your hobbies. Visit family and friends. Play sports and attend games. Have fun for a change and don’t think about work. Doing these sorts of things will help you recharge your batteries and allow you to do your work even better than you might be able to otherwise.

Don’t Try to Be a Perfectionist

Just because you offer a high-quality product doesn’t mean you should waste time and energy trying to make it perfect. Don’t obsess over every little detail going into it. Set a firm point at which it’s finished so you can move on to the next task. Doing this will help you be more productive and get less worried about things that are out of your hands.

Confide in Trusted Peers

Lastly, talk to people in your field about what difficulties you’re experiencing. Network with people in the same or similar industries and ask them how they deal with their problems. Every person has a unique way of handling stress and you might learn strategies you’d never have thought or heard of otherwise.


A smart business owner knows when they have too much on their plate. They will take steps to help mitigate stress and stay a productive individual. If you take anything away from this article, it should be that doing nothing and ignoring your mounting problems will only make things worse for yourself. Be proactive in fixing your problems and you will reap the rewards!

About Keith Orie
Keith Orie is a certified professional life coach in Temple, Texas, and an owner of Advanced Medical Sales, LLC. He started the company to give patients a chance to live a life not dependent on pain relief medication or invasive procedures. By providing medical professionals access to an extensive range of top-of-the-line durable medical equipment, he helps provide patients with effective pain relief treatment.