Being Zen in Your Work Environment

For many people, their homes are now their office spaces. In other words, client meetings, budget analysis’, and executive-level collaborations all occur in your basement or in your kid’s old bedroom. It’s crucial to set space aside that is only for working. If that means getting rid of twenty-year-old couches and replacing them with a desk, so be it. Helen Lee Schifter says that adapting to the stay at home order can be fashionable and comforting to many online workers. 

Developing a Zen space for working is very important. It should be a stress-free environment where the mind is prepared to be “in the zone” for multiple hours. If you have a pet, get them a bed to sleep on because they certainly shouldn’t be distracting you while you’re in meetings. With small children needing constant care, hiring a nanny or babysitter might be in your best interest. That way, your workspace is never interrupted and only good energy enters your capacity. Producing reliable work and being a pillar for your team is something that everyone should strive to do. With that, coworkers should also be understanding if an emergency comes up and you need to rush out of the house. It’s hard to plan during a pandemic but it’s not impossible. Having a Zen, or peaceful space, to produce high-quality work is of the utmost importance while working from home. Helen Lee Schifter suggests that playing soft music can also help with long periods of concentration. As the pandemic shifts, the world we live in, curating a peaceful place may be one of the best ways to adapt.