Broadcasting Vs. Journalism

There are many differences between broadcasting and journalism. As the world grows to use mass media in a variety of different directions, both subjects seem to become intertwined. However, Ken Kurson, a journalist, describes that both pillars in media are necessary. As different as they may seem, they heavily rely on another. 

Broadcasting is a lot more glamorous than journalism. For many anchors, broadcasting was what they went to school for. Having a prim and proper outfit, being comfortable in front of a camera, and being successful with tricky questions is an important part of broadcasting. Many casters value looking nice on television screens and enjoy having an ‘on-screen voice’. Broadcasters usually read a script or a teleprompter when delivering news.On the other hand, journalists are much more behind the scenes. Yes, there are some who enjoy the spotlight but most of the time, working for a new outlet is a dream for any media journalist. They are usually the people writing for anchors/broadcasters and deliver data that then can be transported to many other channels of communication. It’s very analysis based and usually, biases aren’t permitted. Ken Kurson loved sharing his passion for writing with the world, which is why he became a journalist. Both are great careers for anyone interested in getting to the bottom of things.