What’s It Like Being a Journalist

In this day and age, being a journalist can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the mass media being more dominant then ever, journalists all over the world are doing their best to represent and write about important topics. Choosing a topic can be hard for some. Ken Kurson, a former editor for The Observer, suggests that writers need to find something passionate to write about in order to have a successful breakthrough. Nowadays, pretty much everything is a topic a journalist can cover.

A lot of the time, the different categories in journalism focus on those specific topics. For example, someone in financial journalism would be more likely to cover the stock market over someone who writes film reviews. However, just because a journalist has a title, doesn’t mean they can’t explore other sectors of journalism. Culinary specialists might have a secret passion for writing a column. With journalism, that’s very plausible and with the right team, anything is possible. Although journalism isn’t an easy subject to study in college, it can be very helpful when growing businesses. Just like anyone who wants a company to grow, the right amount of literature coverage can help ensure the company is getting press. Developing networks is also a huge responsibility for journalists. Being able to cover a breaking story with first-hand sources is a jackpot for many writers. Ken Kurson enjoys the thrill of journalism and recommends it to anyone with a passion for writing. It definitely takes practice but after the right experience, the opportunities are endless.