The Popularity of Sole Proprietorships

The Art of Journalism

There is an art when it comes to the topic of journalism. For thousands of years, writing has been a form of communication and protection. It’s how kings and queens ruled large lands, how trades were made, and how Egyptians communicated their history. Writing is so significant to each and every one of us. That’s

What is Journalism

The study and profession of journalism is the preparation of content to be broadcasted worldwide. With the internet decreasing the need for paper journalism has taken the online world by storm. Now news can be presented on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. A well-known journalist, Ken Kurson, says that in

How Journalism Can Heal

Journalism is a sport for some. Others use it as a way to release current events and press into the world. Then, of course, there are those who use journalism as a release. It has many healing properties. Writers like Ken Kurson use it to express themselves. Journalism has so many different dimensions. It can

Majoring in Journalism 2020

At University, there is an abundance of majors a student can choose from. However, a common major that many look over is journalism. This is because everyone unconsciously uses writing in their day to day lives. Whether it’s an email or a thesis, writing is a prominent part of anyone’s career. Ken Kurson studied journalism

The Popularity of Sole Proprietorships

Broadcasting Vs. Journalism

There are many differences between broadcasting and journalism. As the world grows to use mass media in a variety of different directions, both subjects seem to become intertwined. However, Ken Kurson, a journalist, describes that both pillars in media are necessary. As different as they may seem, they heavily rely on another.  Broadcasting is a