Are Editors Excited About The Changes in Journalism

There are many roles in the field of journalism. One can be a columnist, reporter, public relations specialist, and an editor. All these have critical responsibilities in delivering information to society, More specifically, editors like Ken Kurson, are enlightened that journalism is becoming more digital.

It may seem difficult for those who didn’t study journalism to understand how different technology has made the industry. Now, more than ever, journalists and editors depend on technological advancements to gain the best amount of data and information on a topic possible. Editors, who are usually in charge of the operation, are looking forward to easier ways to correct the issues they struggle with daily.Back in the day, editors had to sit down and read through every single article. They had to plan out the layouts of activities and newspapers. It was very time-consuming. People like Ken Kurson are looking forward to technological advancements, so he can be more efficient at work.