Gift Giving on a Budget

Gifts are an important tradition for most families. They symbolize an act of kindness between two people. We give them on the holidays and birthdays. Gift-giving does not have to be expensive if you follow these tips.

1. Gift Giving on a Budget  

A few small shifts in your perspective can help you continue impressing people with your gifts while staying under budget. You first must realize what is important about giving. It is a personal act. That means if you can make it your own without spending money, it will still be a great gift.

Make It Meaningful:
A card at your local pharmacy with the right words says more than the most expensive gifts ever could. Sometimes words can serve as a powerful way to communicate your appreciation for someone on a special occasion. The right words will not cost you a cent.

Do It Yourself:
Do yourself a favor and visit your local crafts store. There are tons of things you can make by hand that would be amazing gifts. Best of all, they cost much less than other manufactured gifts. When you do the work yourself, it is more meaningful too.

Handmade Is Always Better:
When you make your gifts by hand, it gives it something special. You are going to think a gift is much more meaningful if someone made it for you themselves. Anyone can buy things. Not everyone can make what you can. Making things by hand also means that the gifts will be unique. Nothing is as unique as a handmade item. They are perfect for gifts.

2. How to Make a Gift-Giving Budget  

When you adopt the right perspective limiting your spending on gifts is easy. The shift may take a while to make at first. The following tips can help serve as a guideline, meanwhile. As long as you stick to them, you will be hard-pressed to spend more than your budget allows.

Budget Tips For Giving Gifts

  • Cut Costs in Other Areas
  • Plan Ahead
  • Set Spending Limits
  • Save Up Throughout The Year

Cutting Expenses Intelligently:
Never underestimate the power of cutting monthly recurring monthly expenses. Even a small savings there multiplies each month through out the year.  Start with our utilities.  Eversource CT offers a powerful tool to help you find lower-cost utility rates. Use it to compare the rates available in your area. Every cent you save in another area of your life is another cent you can put towards your gift budget.

Utilizing a Budget:
You are more likely to overspend if you do not have a written budget. Take a few moments to consider the amount you feel is reasonable to spend for then gift. Write that number down on paper. Take the paper with you as you shop. It will serve as a reminder so you do not spend more than you would like to spend.

Saving Throughout The Year:
An easy way to afford more expensive gifts is to break the cost up over a year. Divide the total cost of the gift by twelve. Then, save that money to spend on the gift each month. When you break up the cost of a large ticket item over several months, it is much more manageable. Do not feel forced to come up with the money all at once.

Final Thoughts on How to Give Gifts While on a Budget  
Gift-giving should be an enjoyable experience for both parties. If you are stressed about how you can afford the gift, it will not be enjoyable. There are some important strategies you can implement to make gift giving an easier process for you. No longer will you associate the idea of giving gifts to people with overspending. A simple adjustment to your perspective was all that needed to happen. Now you are ready to bring more spirit to the tradition than ever before.