5 Ways Proper Cycling Clothing Can Boost Your Riding Efficiency

Whether you just started cycling or have been riding for years, you’ll get the most out of the biking experience by wearing clothing that has comfort and functionality in mind. Before you invest in an entire cycling wardrobe, check out these 5 ways proper cycling clothing can boost your riding efficiency.

1. The Proper Gear 

Regardless of how often or how long you ride your bike, investing in the proper gear will offer comfort, safety, and better performance. You’ll want to pick up a properly fitting helmet, a waterproof cycling jacket, and padded cycling shorts. Having these items will protect you from crashes and the elements while making you more visible to others.

2. Winter Gear

Many people would never think of biking during the winter months, but you might just love it with the proper gear. Just the addition of a headband or beanie underneath your helmet will keep your ears and forehead warm. In rainy or snowy conditions, consider wearing a face shield (like a gaiter) that will block moisture from stinging your face and eyes.

As far as winter clothing goes, the best thing to do is to wear multiple thin, waterproof layers. Many cyclists prefer wearing a long sleeve cycling shirt that wicks away sweat, a vest that allows movement while keeping your core warm, and a wind as well as waterproof jacket. Wearing layers will keep you warmer and dryer, and also allow you to remove a layer if you get too warm.

Pick up a good pair of insulated waterproof cycling gloves. Not only will your hands stay warm and dry, but you’ll have a better grip in potentially cold or slippery handlebars. Cycling gloves provide the best options, so you won’t have to trade warmth for dexterity.

3. Summer Gear

One of the downfalls of cycling during the summer is that you’ll probably get sweaty. That’s okay if you’re able to shower up afterward, but not if you’re riding to work or meeting up with some friends. You don’t have to wear traditional bike shorts and a tight-fitting shirt to keep from sweating. In fact, lightweight looser clothing might be your best option.

That’s because lightweight wicking fabrics with a slightly loose fit allow air to circulate and sweat to evaporate much quicker. Bike shorts and shirts are made specially to keep you cooler without adding any bulky fabric that could get in the way of your comfort or safety. Choose colors that are bright and reflective, rather than darker colors that will absorb the sun.

4. Essential Eyewear for All Year Round

It’s important to wear sunglasses that offer UV protection all year round. Regular sunglasses could obstruct your peripheral view, which will undoubtedly lead to you needing a cycling accident attorney. Cycling glasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also keep out debris and insects while offering added protection in case you have an accident. Plus, they have adjustable straps to keep them safely in place.

5. Cycling Footwear

It’s common for people to wear regular tennis shoes when they’re riding a bike, but cycling shoes are a better option. Many of these cycling overshoes will fit directly over your choice of footwear. These are typically made from neoprene material and offer water protection. Invest in a few pairs of waterproof socks and carry a spare pair in your bag.