Is Climate Change a Recurring Topic in Journalism

Climate change is a very important topic in the media. It is constantly being talked about because of the detrimental impacts climate change is having on this planet. Many journalists such as Ken Kurson, have developed a routine to search for climate change journalism.

It is fascinating to see the coverage reporters have on these renowned topics. Solar energy, geothermal plants, wave energy technology, and so much more is reported on. This is because journalists want to announce the repercussions humans will have to face if climate change isn’t addressed. This is a personal urge each journalist has to save the world. With the support of editors and other reporters, they want to make sure all topics are discussed in paramount ways. 

Overall, journalists have a tough job of displaying climate change in a light that isn’t construed as political. Yes, politics is heavily involved in deciding what is actually done about climate change. Yet, many journalists refrain from those negative aspects and choose to only focus on personal change or reform.