How to Be More Eco-Conscious

Alexander Djerassi, a diplomat, has made an effort to be as environmentally conscious of his actions as possible. There are hundreds of ways that people can change their habits to be more clean and green. In the beginning, some routines may seem difficult to get used to but, when the planet is greener and healthier, everyone will be in harmony. 

Of course, recycling is the first step for anyone wanting to go green. There is a common misconception that water bottles and aluminum cans are the only items able to be recycled. In fact, after using cleaning supplies, cardboard, salad trays, or basically anything made from plastic, recycle it! Each item that is eligible for recycling will have a symbol that gives consent before throwing it with other recycles. If the plastic held harsh chemicals, it might not be best to throw it with other materials. Overall, there is so much that can be done. Even planting or having plants around the house are great ways to be eco friendly. It may seem like a lot of effort but we owe it to the planet. Alexander Djerassi believes that recycling and having more eco-friendly aspects of a routine are critical in today’s society.