Are Media Outlets Overwhelmed with 2020 Politics?

This year has been full of political roller coasters. When the 2020 election campaigns were announced it was made very clear that there were two opposing sides. Ken Kurson, a media specialist, has had decades of experience in this industry and suggests that this year has been specifically complicated for the press to cover. 

When journalists are investigating possible topics they have a variety to choose from. Media outlets are constantly covering politics because it’s ever-changing. Politics are such a vast topic and depending on what the reporter’s views are, it could be very difficult to not have a strong online opinion about a given candidate. Given the policies and bills being discussed in the news, reporters don’t ever seem to be at a loss of words. Overall, the media is constantly shining a spotlight on politics because reporters and audiences all over America want to know what’s going on in Washington D.C. Although it may seem overwhelming, many are keeping their employees and being hired to cover this content. With how the economy recessed, Ken Kurson is very happy that people are continuing to be hired throughout the unemployment drought.