Are Law Firms Struggling During COVID

Contrary to popular belief, law firms have remained open during these trying times. Many have managed to keep customers due to legal reasons. Diego Ruiz Duran has been successful during this time because, like most lawyers, he’s a workaholic. It has become apparent that COVID-19 is going to be an ongoing issue for the next few months, and even years.

Many lawyers are doing their best to keep their clients positive. It can be hard for many represented in prisons to find hope since very little communication is now permitted. However, as lawyers and officials learn the boundaries of coronavirus, there will be more representation in prisons and in all of Mexico.One of the most melancholy aspects of being a family relations lawyer is dealing with the passing of someone. With so many deaths due to the virus, many lawyers have had an unfortunate influx of business. Whether that’s settling a deed or a will, lawyers are the ones for the job. Diego Ruiz Duran believes that over time, people will learn how to be prosperous during such turmoil.