Are Historians Struggling in 2020

Historians all over the world are struggling to keep up with the 2020 current events. Every day seems like it brings a new chapter in future history books. Professional historians like Shalom Lamm are worried that his fellow historians are scrambling to get properties ready. By the end of the year, books will be published about all the current events from this year. 

How authors will publish books so quickly is a whole other story. It takes months to edit and revise books, especially those based on current events. Many times, authors can get carried away with personal opinions that are not allowed in education. Facts are of the utmost importance and those seem to be hard to come by. There are events like the turrets in Lebanon that can be recorded. However, that is a fact. There was a time and place where that horrific event happened. On the other hand, everything in the western world seems to be more opinion based than anything. Shalom Lamm thinks his historian friends will have a difficult time dissecting what is really happening and then translating it into books.