How History Affects Us

History affects us all in a multitude of ways. There are plenty of people who don’t believe the past has to do with the present. Shalom Lamm, a historian, likes to think of it as the law of physics. Everything has a cause and effect. History works simultaneously to that degree. 

Tragedies have a knack for making people stronger. Whether it’s a breakup or a loss of a loved one, that changes the individual and their perspective on life. In order to recognize how history truly affects us all, one must remember an event that happened to them. For some, that could include fighting in wars or being a nurse during COVID.So many small events lead to the generation of what we call humanity. In order to have a brighter future, we must all reflect and see what caused us to be in the position that we are. Was it something we did? Was it something out of our control? Regardless, it was part of our history and it affects us more than we know. Shalom Lamm encourages his friends and family to self-reflect because it can really develop a better understanding of the future.