How are Historians Keeping up with 2020 Current Events?

2020 has been a whirlwind for many of us. As soon as the New Year started, so much immediately changed and transpired. Shalom Lamm, a historian, is worried about how other history buffs are keeping up with writing down what’s happening. Think about the textbooks we all had in high school. They were very large and filled with topics from the last hundred years.

Many believe that 2020 will be the work year of this century. Coronooviurs made sure that humanity was hit hard. Millions of people were affected by this atrocious disease on a global scale. Nevertheless, social justice moments also deserve recognition in history books as well. Let alone how politics have changed the perception of American to other countries.So much in 2020 has to be professionally recorded so that future generations don’t make the same mistakes. Climate change is a pressing issue that also needs to be eminently talked about in recollection. Shalom Lamm believes that history books are a way to restore some peace back in the world. Accepting what has happened and then moving forward from it is the first step in having a happier new year.