How Journalism Can Heal

Journalism is a sport for some. Others use it as a way to release current events and press into the world. Then, of course, there are those who use journalism as a release. It has many healing properties. Writers like Ken Kurson use it to express themselves. Journalism has so many different dimensions. It can be used in any way a person wants, which is why so many people write books and stories about their lives. 

Writing is very expressive. Obviously, if someone is writing a novel or an autobiography, certain parts have to be self-reflective. Stories are developed over time like wine. First, they are planted in our minds and then slowly developed into brighter and more creative ideas. Eventually, the ideas are solidified and packed up into a perfect story. Then, anyone who so chooses can pick up the story and indulge. Stories can help with stress relief and letting go of horrible memories that might have weighed someone down. Writing is more powerful than most imagine. It takes a certain perception and dedication to perfect it. People of all ages are welcome to write about their experiences and life advice. It’s what makes the world grow and develop. Putting out content that shapes who a person is and who they have become is very transformational and helps heal the soul. Ken Kurson suggests writing to anyone who is in a funk and needs to release some emotions.