What are the differences between blogging and journalism

There are many differences between blogging and journalism as of late. Blogging is definitely more personal than an article found in the New Times could be. Ken Kurson, both blogger and journalist, believes that both contribute to society in a multitude of ways. Although blogging is more relatable to a specific person, it can have just the same effects as journalism does.

Journalism is very investigative, time-consuming, and focuses on a lot of breaking stories. Although some blogs do, usually they are laxer and don’t take too much investigating. Interviewing can be found on both platforms but journalists definitely have to go through many sources before writing a concrete story. Reach is something that also differs. If an editor for the Observer, like Ken Kurson, wants to reach a demographic in Washington D.C., he won’t write a story about something happening that only affects North Dakota. Bloggers have the freedom to write about anything. Their demographic is usually much wider and that’s why they are so different. Although journalism reaches worldwide outlets, blogs usually have more specific and consistent readers.