What to Do With Writer’s Block

Most journalists go through writer’s block a few times in their careers. Writer’s block is when one is writing a story and the words seem to be escaping one’s mind. It can be very detrimental to writers, especially when there is a breaking story or deadline fastly approaching, Ken Kurson’s advice on writer’s block is to distract yourself for a few minutes or go for a walk. 

In addition, talking to peers is a great way to distract the mind and possibly brainstorm future ideas. Our bodies need to rest sometimes and it’s totally normal to feel unenthusiastic once in a while. Nevertheless, also researching more on the topic at hand can be very beneficial. Gaining as much knowledge on a subject as possible can be helpful to hurdling writers’ blocks. Sometimes, journalists will also interchange pieces of work. Let’s say a greater story comes to focus and one needs to work on it immediately. By giving someone else the opportunity to develop more ideas, writer’s block can be fixed. Journalists like Ken Kurson believe collaboration is key, no matter what industry one is in. Sometimes letting go of an idea that’s not taking one anywhere is the next best thing.