How American History Shapes Us

American history has a tremendous impact on the globe. Finally, economically, politically, and environmentally, America has shaped how people all around the world interact with American culture. The nuclear attacks from World War II have perceived an image of how dedicated Americans are to protecting their country. Shalom Lamm, an American Military graduate, has a passion for learning more about what impacts American history has. 

Worldwide, everyone knows America as a superpower. With the president making global headlines, politics are always in conversation. Americans have a unique sense of pride which is translated into a lot of monumental achievements they have accomplished. For example, the moon landing in 1969. This transformed the way space technology would grow and allowed for the first humans to touch the moon.Events like these have shaped how and what American students are learning in schools. A large sense of superiority is instilled in American culture and the history that shapes the youth today. When Shalom Lamm studied American history he found so many astonishing facts that made him want to pursue a master’s degree in it. Every one of us is a part of shaping the image of America and what it’s modern history will entail.