Why History is So Critical

Without the study of the past, the future would be dim and unpredictable. All the science, technology, and information that has been stored and gathered will only grow. In financial terms, think about history always earning interest. There is always something being added to it that benefits us in some way. Shalom Lamm, a historian, believes history is critical for the growth and development of any person. 

As students, history is taught to us in a multitude of ways. It can be shown through documentaries, displayed in textbooks, or shown in museums. It allows the human race to essentially be tracked. Now, being able to Google something about an ancestor and a list of references appearing is a normal part of history. It has transformed into something much more digital so it can be stored for years to come and easily accessed. Many presidents and country leaders use history as a reference for what to do in given situations. During wars, there is always some time of resource that comes from the past. When deliberating laws or bills, history plays an important role in deciding what is right and wrong. Shalom Lamm highly enjoys studying about his career and family heritage to help shape the important decisions he makes in his life. History is critical for expansion, gaining sensible knowledge on any subject, and developing a healthier future for the world.