How Does Writing Affect the World

Writing affects the world in tremendous and extraordinary ways. Being able to connect to others through writing has been a pillar in civilization development. Writing has been so important for thousands of years. It has established so much history that it’s almost unimaginable, according to journalists like Ken Kurson.

The way writing has affected the world is by changing it. Ever since our ancestors used writing to communicate with each other, the world progressed. To this day, what people write matters and can help be a protective agent. For example, with the recent forest fires in California, writing made it possible to spread the news all over the world. It takes skill to write books, publish articles, and much more. The more people write as a contribution to society, the more the world will grow and become educated. It may seem as simple as to how writing has been so transformational. However, just look around and imagine how different everything would be if there was so symbol or word for anything. Journalists and bloggers have contributed to the world so much and will continue doing so. People like Ken Kurson have developed specialties of writing which is very beneficial to the advancement of the world.