Why Journalism is a Collaborative Career

It takes a team to be successful in journalism. Peer editing is a substantial part of being a focused and great writer. Professionals such as Ken Kurson undoubtedly recommend building a solid network that can collaborate on ideas. Being a journalist is no easy task and requires lots of patience. 

Hard Working journalists need to be on top of their game all the time. If a story gets released and the wrong information is presented to the public, a lot of issues could occur. Many journalists need the confidence of others to be sure of their work. Cross-checking information and double checking grammar are very critical for any journalist. Collaboration is key in this career. Even in college, as young journalists are stuffing, there is a constant need for collaboration. Having cohesive goals with peers is very beneficial and keeps people on track. Ken Kurson recommends having timelines set for personal and company goals so that everyone is on the same page.