Why Read the Newspaper?

The newspaper seems to be a dying entity. Many of us refer to online news sites and social media to gather breaking news stories. Newspapers take longer to create than online posts. In addition, they use tons of paper and can be delayed due to weather restrictions. Yet, Ken Kurson, an editor, suggests that people should still read the newspaper. But why?

In about fifty years, it’s predicted that newspapers will cease to exist.  The companies will remain very active given the shift for a higher online presence, but newspapers will slowly die down. As the world becomes much more eco-friendly, paper at such volume will not be wasted. Yes, newspapers are very unique and seem almost timeless. Ever go to a mucus where there is a newspaper hanging up, with a significant date. The news stories seem so antique and vast, but it reminds us that on that given day, something monumental happened. Now, everything can be searched online. Ken Kurson wishes that newspapers were used until the end of time, but doubts that will be a reality.