How Music Benefits Us

Music benefits the human race in a variety of ways. By having an outlet to express oneself, individuals can really let go of negative emotions and stressors. Ken Kurson, a rock musician, uses music to express his feelings. Writing lyrics is very monumental for musicians and can really help get their voices out.

Serotonin usually heightens when someone is listening to music. For example, let’s say someone has a birthday. Even hearing “Happy Birthday” being sung by family and friends makes people happy. Music is very beneficial to those who struggle with focusing. Some use music as an outlet when studying.As the music grows throughout the decades, it can be very representative of the times we all live in. For example, with the election coming up, a lot of artists are singing about the importance of voting. Music can be political or it can just be representative of a given time period. Musicians like Ken Kurson believe that music also had healing properties.