How to Be a Positive Leader in Your Community

In order to maintain a positive outlook on a community and do so why being a great leader, one must go through an excessive amount of experience. For example, Rachel Harow, a leader in her community, has developed so many ways to help and serve. By doing this many leaders can establish networks and connections that lead to more opportunities in service. 

To be a positive leader, one must always put others first. By going out of their way to serve and help their community grow, they can start forming their positive image with locals. Nowaday, helping the Earth’s climate has become a worldwide incentive. By going around different communities and picking up trash, recycling, and turning old things into more sustainable items, leadership will grow. The opportunity to help those in need and grow communities is endless. So much can be done to support locals and help instill positivity in all sectors of the country. It takes a lot of work, a lot of spirits, and lots of dedication, but with a positive outlook, anything is achievable. Rachel Harow admits there are struggles along the way but the end result is always worth every moment.