How to Be a Good Educator

Once the “normal” education system flew out the door thanks to COVID-19, the government had to make decisions on what would happen in schools. For example, would children be doing hybrid classes or online schools only? So many factors go into establishing a strong school system that can support children’s young minds as they adapt to the new normal. Rachel Harow, a PTA President, wants to make the school year enjoyable and safe for all students.

In order to be a good educator, a teacher must cover a lot of bases. They have to ensure their students are safe as their first priority. Next, they have to make sure that the students can understand what they are saying although they are wearing masks. In addition, being able to still build connections with children is really important in order for trust and solid education to grow.  It may be difficult for teachers to adapt, but it will definitely be worth it. Virtual learning is something very new and will take some adjustment periods. Teachers are all good educators if they try their best and are reliable for their students. Rachel Harow continues educating her children after school so that it’s easier for them to adjust to the new education system.